Did Your Employer Illegally Fire You?

Did you know that your employer is free to terminate your employment at any time? There are two exceptions. Employers are not allowed to fire employees for illegal reasons (such as discrimination or retaliation), or in violation of an employment contract.

If racism or sexism, for example, was the reason for your dismissal, then you might have a claim for unlawful termination.

Wrongful termination cases require an attorney who understands how retaliation and discrimination give rise to wrongful termination. At Sean A. Casey Attorney at Law in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, attorney Casey has years of experience resolving wrongful termination disputes. He will vigorously protect your rights and strive to achieve the result you deserve.

The Potential For Wrongful Termination Cases

Wrongful terminations typically grow out of retaliation and discrimination cases, and the potential for wrongful termination cases is large.

In 2016 in Pennsylvania, there were 4,564 reported cases of employment discrimination. In the same year there were 1,964 reported cases of employer retaliation in the state.

A Problem-Solving Approach

With unfair dismissals, attorney Casey is a problem-solver, not a "hired gun." He focuses on finding solutions, because the "hired gun" approach benefits the lawyer, not the client.

His goal is to achieve the best solution possible. In some cases, that can mean returning the client to their job. In other cases, it could be an agreement that makes it possible for the client to move forward with their career.

How To Contact Attorney Sean A. Casey

Have you been unfairly fired? You need a wrongful termination lawyer. Sean A. Casey Attorney at Law will seek justice on your behalf. Call his office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, now at 412-802-9236, or contact him online.