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Discrimination is a hot button issue, and in some cases, the end result can be shocking. Here are 4 discrimination litigation settlements with astronomical settlements in the multi-million dollar range. 

1. Easterling vs. the State of Connecticut

This lawsuit suggested that the 1.5 mile run required for employme by the State of Connecticut Department of Corrections was both discriminatory against women and not necessary for business. The lawsuit also alleged that the results of the 1.5 mile run were not indicative of who would or would not be a successful correctional officer.

The Settlement: $3.1 MILLION

2. Carr vs. City of Los Angeles

A Los Angeles police officer was suspended after being charged with domestic violence after a dispute with his wife, who was also an employee of the city. The officer argued that because his wife was also a city employee, the case was handled differently. He alleged that his constitutional rights to cross examination were breached and that the punishment against him was time-barred.

The Settlement: $6 MILLION

3. Vasich vs. the City of Chicago

Similar to the Easterling lawsuit above, this discrimination lawsuit alleged that the physical fitness test required by the Chicago Fire Department was created in such a way as to discourage female applicants from applying to and succeeding in becoming a firefighter. The lawsuit reported that the test did not have any impact on determining who would or wouldn't perform well as a firefighter.

The Settlement: $3.7 MILLION

4. Hubbard vs. the U.S. Postal Service

This suit suggested that the U.S. Postal Service did not provide hearing disabled employees with services and/or technology that would allow them to perform their job. Subsequently, the hearing disabled employees were scrutinized frequently by co-workers and supervisors alike.

The Settlement: $4.5 MILLION

How to Maximize Your Discrimination Settlement

Discrimination is a growing area of litigation and requires the expertise of a seasoned discrimination lawyer. Although multi-million dollar discrimination settlements are fairly rare in the full scope of discrimination litigation, there are several things you can to do help ensure that your case is as successful as possible. Hiring an experienced attorney is one.

Sean A. Casey, Esquire is committed to providing high quality legal representation to individuals who are discriminated against on the job, and he will assist you in bringing a lawsuit forward to protect your constitutional and employee rights, even in the face of intimidating government entities or large corporations.

Call today for a consultation to discuss your case in detail at (412) 201-9090 or toll free at (888) 658-0041.

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