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Not all work injuries are immediately apparent. Some work injuries develop over time and may not be noticed for several months or years. Injuries caused by vibration are among those types of injuries. Handling power tools every day on the job can subject the body to significant levels of vibration, which could cause injuries over time. Here's what you need to know about vibration related work injuries. 

Arm/Hand Vibration Injuries

Some often used power tools are held with the arms or hands. Over time, the vibrations from these types of power tools can cause a person to lose their ability to grip and can also cause reduced dexterity and the loss of touch sensation.

Whole Body Vibration Injuries

Large construction equipment can vibrate the whole body, causing overall body pain, lower back problems or chronic pain.

Why Is Constant Exposure to Vibrations Problematic?

Exposing the hands, wrists, or arms to vibration over a period of time results in injuries because the vibrations cause a reduction of blood flow to that area of the body. This results in cell death, and nerve and blood vessel damage. Over time, these issues can cause an injured individual to experience a poor quality of life, and the injuries may become so significant that the individual can no longer work.

Workers' Compensation Claims for Vibration Injuries

If you believe you have been injured on the job due to constant exposure to vibration, the first step to getting medical care and compensation is to fill out an injury report with your employer. However, proving vibration injuries can be significantly more difficult than other types of work injuries.

When to Contact a Workers' Comp Attorney

In cases of a vibration injury, it's an excellent idea to consult with an experienced workers' compensation lawyer to determine how best to proceed. It's critical to get in front of the right doctors who can accurately evaluate your injuries and connect them back to your job, and an attorney can help you do so.

Sean A. Casey, Esq. is an experienced workers' comp lawyer who has worked with numerous injured employees throughout his career. He can provide you with the high quality support, resources, and legal information you need to pursue medical care and compensation for injuries you have developed over the course of your employment. Call now for a consultation at (412) 201-9090 or (888) 658-0041.

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