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Being fired is a frightening and upsetting experience, even if you've been fired from a job before. You may think that you've done something wrong, and surely your employer has made you believe so. However, there are some cases where an employee is wrongfully terminated. Here are 5 ways you can tell if your employer fired you against the law. 

1. You Were Fired Based on Discrimination

If you suspect that your employer fired you because they were discriminating against you based on your sex, race, disability, age, or sexual orientation, you may have been wrongfully terminated. However, proving discrimination can be difficult and usually requires the expertise of an experienced employment law attorney.

2. You Were Hurt on the Job and Were Fired

If you were involved in a work related accident, filed for workers' compensation, and were then fired, there's a good chance that your termination was against the law. Pennsylvania has laws that protect a person who files for workers' compensation for an on-the-job injury from being let go from their job.

3. You Were Fired and It Was Against Your Employment Contract

If your termination went against the employment contract you and your employer signed at the beginning of your employment, you may have been wrongfully terminated. Discuss the matter with an attorney and allow your attorney to review the contract to help you determine if your termination was, in fact, a breach of your employment contract.

4. You Were Fired After Filing FMLA

The Family Medical Leave Act protects employees from being fired if they have to leave work for a qualifying reason, such as their own illness or an illness of a family member. However, if you took a leave of absence that was in accordance with FMLA and were fired because of it, you may have been wrongfully terminated.

5. You Were Fired Suddenly, for No Apparent Reason

Sometimes, being fired can come out of the blue. Employees who have worked for the same employer or the same company for years and are suddenly let go will naturally want to explore the potential reasons why they were fired and determine if their termination was against the law. An attorney can help you do this.

Attorney Sean A. Casey is a seasoned employment law attorney who can review your case and determine if your termination was rightful under Pennsylvania law, or if you were wrongfully terminated. If your termination was wrongful, Attorney Casey can help you pursue a case. Call today for a consultation at (412) 201-9090.

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