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OSHA's Whistleblower Act protects employees against retaliation when reporting a protected activity. Here's what you need to know about the Whistleblower Act and what to do if your employer retaliates against you after reporting an activity that should be covered under the act. 

What Are Protected Activities?

Generally speaking, the most common activities that are reported are injuries, concerns for safety, or direct violations of OSHA guidelines, such as the failure to post warnings about hazards or dangerous materials in the workplace.

What Forms of Retaliation Can Take Place After Whistleblowing?

Under the Whistleblower Act, retaliation can take the form of:

  • Laying off an employee or firing them
  • Demoting an employee or reducing their hours
  • Excluding an employee from benefits or promotions when they are qualified for such
  • Disciplining an employee
  • Harassing, threatening, or intimidating an employee in the workplace

Often, it can be difficult to prove that retaliation occurred, especially if an employer has stated other reasons for firing, demotion, or discipline. However, with the help of an experienced whistleblower attorney, you may be able to gather enough compelling evidence that the action taken against you by your employer was indeed retaliation. You may be able to lodge a complaint against your employer for retaliation or even bring a lawsuit forward.

When to Bring in an Attorney

If you are considering blowing the whistle or have already done so, it's important to learn more about what your rights are as a whistleblower and what protections are afforded to you under the Whistleblower Act. Having an attorney on board can not only give you the support you need to speak out against unsafe practices in your workplace, but can also prevent retaliation if your employer knows you area already being represented by a lawyer. If you have been retaliated against, your lawyer can provide you with the zealous representation you need.

Call Sean A. Casey, Esq. Today

Don't hesitate to get legal help when you are involved in a whistleblowing situation of any kind. Sean A. Casey, Esq. is an experienced whistleblower attorney and can fight for your rights in the face of staunch opposition. If you have been retaliated against by your employer, you don't have to take it laying down. Attorney Casey will help you exercise your rights under Pennsylvania law. Call today for a consultation to discuss your case in detail at (412) 201-9090. Don't wait - call now.

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