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Although it is against the law in Pennsylvania and across the country to discriminate against disabled persons in the workplace, it unfortunately still happens. Learning how to recognize what disability discrimination is and what your legal options are if you have been discriminated against is critical to obtaining justice and stopping the discrimination from happening again to you and to others.

Examples of Disability Discrimination in the Workplace

There are many different forms of disability discrimination in the workplace, some of which are obvious and some of which might not be so obvious. Here are some basic examples of how discrimination due to disability might occur on the job:

  • Refusing to hire based on disability status, although the disabled individual meets all requirements for the job
  • Asking questions during an interview about possible disabled status, including questions about medical history or requiring the potential employee to submit to a medical examination
  • Firing based on disability status, whether the disability was existing or is a new disability due to an injury or illness
  • The failure to promote qualified disabled persons or provide them with the same training opportunities or opportunities for advancement as non-disabled employees
  • Not providing equal pay and benefits for disabled workers who do the same or similar work as non-disabled employees
  • The harassment of a disabled person due to his or her disability by co-workers or supervisors
  • Maintaining or creating barriers in the workplace that makes it difficult for the disabled person to perform his or her job duties
  • Refusal to provide reasonable accommodation for disabled persons

If you believe you have been discriminated against in the workplace due to a disability, it's important that you take action right away.

When to Contact an Employment Law Attorney

An effective way to stop disability discrimination or harassment in the workplace is to hire an attorney. Often, a simple phone call from an attorney to an employer to let them know they are violating state and federal law by discriminating against an employee for a disability is enough to end the discrimination. However, in cases where you have suffered damages or the employer will not adhere to the law, your attorney can help you take your case further.

Sean A. Casey, Esq. is a seasoned employment law attorney with specific experience in disability discrimination cases. If you have been discriminated against on the job due to a disability, contact Attorney Casey now for a consultation by calling (412) 201-9090.

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