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When you are discriminated against at work, call is the EEOC, or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Many victims of discrimination expect that they will receive real help from this agency and unfortunately never do. Here's what you need to know about the EEOC and how to get help for discrimination cases privately. 

Less Than 0.01% of Employers Have Charges Filed Against Them

Earlier this year, the EEOC reported figures which illustrated that they filed charges in less than 0.01% of cases. In fact, most employers never go beyond filing an initial statement with the EEOC after the agency begins its investigation. Some employers will go through the mediation process with the employee and the EEOC. However, the large majority of cases reported to the EEOC are handled privately outside the agency.

Individuals are given a Right-to-Sue letter, if the case isn't dismissed altogether. The individual is left to find their own attorney when they expected assistance from the agency to guide them through each stage of filing suit against their employer.

Should I Just Contact an Attorney Instead?

While contacting the EEOC just to get a letter saying you have the right to contact an attorney about your case seems redundant, the Right-to-Sue letter makes your case stronger. You should report your case to the EEOC and let them investigate. But you do not have to wait for that letter to contact a lawyer.

Call Attorney Sean A. Casey Today for More Information

Attorney Sean A. Casey has significant experience working with clients who were discriminated against on the job. He can provide you with skilled legal representation. Sean A. Casey worked in tandem with the EEOC to investigate claims of discrimination in Pennsylvania workplaces. He helped see to it that many of his clients received a favorable verdict in either private settlement negotiations or litigation.

If your employer has discriminated against you in any way for reasons protected under the law, don't hesitate to obtain the support of a seasoned employment law attorney. Sean A. Casey has the resources and expertise to provide you with aggressive, compassionate legal support throughout every stage of your case. Call now for a consultation at (412) 201-9090.

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