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Returning to Work After an Accident

Ultimately, there are times when returning to work becomes an issue, especially when the return requires some accommodation.

Many employers will pressure an employee to return to work; often, the employee will feel as though they have no other choice.

“It is absolutely critical that you do not return to work until you've been cleared by your workers' compensation physician. Doing so could compromise your benefits.”

Additionally, employers are often reluctant to accommodate employees who have been injured on the job and are returning to work.

Depending on the injury, employees may only be allowed to engage in light-duty, or certain activities may be restricted.

For example, if an office worker is receiving compensation for carpal tunnel syndrome, he or she may not be able to type for extended periods of time when returning to work.

It is equally as important that you do not engage in restricted activities, even if your employer pressures you to do so. Doing so could compromise your benefits.

Sean A. Casey, Esq. has handled numerous cases where employers are reluctant or unwilling to provide an employee with adequate accommodation(s) as required by a workers' compensation doctor.
He can provide you with the expert, aggressive legal representation you need when an employer is uncooperative after an on-the-job accident.