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Social Security Disability

Sean A. Casey: experienced social security disability lawyer who helps clients across Pennsylvania with disability cases.

The Social Security Administration provides benefits to disabled individuals under two programs:

  • Social Security Disability benefits are paid out to disabled individuals if they have worked for a sufficient period of time and paid their social security tax for at least 20 of the preceding 40 quarters.
  • Social Security Insurance benefits are paid to individuals who are disabled, have limited assets, and do not otherwise qualify for Social Security Disability.

Once an individual is determined to be disabled, they become eligible for Medicare benefits.

The process of applying for these benefits is initially handled through the local Social Security Office; it takes time, so immediate attention to all requirements of the application is crucial.

Initial applications are denied at a very high rate, in part because the reviewers of these applications are given very strict guidelines and somewhat limited information.

Be sure to get these reviewers all necessary information to save months of waiting.

If denied benefits, the individual must make an appeal within 60 days of the denial.

If this deadline is missed, the application process has to be repeated, and the individual may lose some of their retroactive benefits.

It can take up to 12 months to get a hearing with an administrative law judge, so the sooner the appeal is filed, the sooner a case will make it on the docket and get scheduled.

“Legal assistance in this appeals process is important for many reasons.”

The appeals process requires legal knowledge and understanding, especially for:

  • filing a timely application
  • securing proper medical information
  • understanding listings and vocational guideline
  • presenting testimony and the cross examination of vocational experts

“Getting the application and appeal right the first time can be the difference between winning the case and starting the whole process over again.”

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