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Was I Discriminated Against At Work Based On My Race?

Posted by Sean A. Casey, Esq | Aug 07, 2019 | 0 Comments

Although racial discrimination at work has been against the law since the mid-1960s, it unfortunately still takes place in workplaces across the country. Spotting racial discrimination can sometimes be a challenge, especially when it's well hidden or subversive. Here's a look at a few common examples of racial discrimination and what to do if you were discriminated against at work due to your race.  

An Employee Brought a Stereotypical Food Item to a Potluck As a Joke 

Jokes and innuendo about an employee's race is illegal, according to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other federal and state laws. If an employee brought a stereotypical food that is thought to commonly be enjoyed by people of a certain race as a joke to make fun of that race, this can be considered racial discrimination. 

You Find Out That Coworkers of a Different Race Are Paid More Than You For the Same Work 

Racial discrimination often comes in the form of paying employees of a certain race less than employees who are not of that race. If you find out that coworkers who are just as qualified as you, have the same amount of experience you do, and perform the same type of job that you do are making more money than you are earning, you may be a victim of racial discrimination. This can also be true in cases where coworkers of a different race are given merit raises and you are not, despite no differences in work ethic or performance. 

You Are Subjected to More Disciplinary Action Than Coworkers of a Different Race 

If you are frequently subjected to corrective action at work, more so than your coworkers of a different race despite no other differences in work ethic or performance, this may be considered racial discrimination. Employers who discriminate will often find reasons to call employees of a certain race into the office or write them up, even if they are weak or another employee of a different race was allowed to do the same without consequence. 

When to Contact a Pennsylvania Employment Law Attorney 

If you believe you may have been discriminated against based on your race in a Pennsylvania workplace, you may be entitled to damages. Sean A. Casey is a seasoned employment law attorney who can help you hold discriminatory employers responsible for breaking the law. Call today for a consultation at 1-888-658-0041.

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